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Kantha Napkin Set - Autumn

Also great as washcloths, handkerchiefs, baby burp cloths, table squares and any other uses you can come up with. Because of the crazy events of this year we only received half of our normal stock of napkins last Spring. After a long 6 months, they are back in stock. Recycled sari (kantha) napkins make for effortless, colorful, dining. Three layers of buttery soft, 100% cotton fabric make these the most unique cloth napkins you can find anywhere. Because the patterns on saris are flowing and rarely the same from top to bottom, the napkins are each a little bit different. Front and back are from different saris and have different colors and patterns. Just like our Kantha Blankets, some napkins may have small patches. Generous 16" square but sizes can vary slightly due to being handmade from up-cycled materials. Machine wash and dry. Hand stitched by women working with Astral Cooperative in Bawali Village just outside of Kolkata, India. Set of 2 We cannot express how happy and excited we are to be receiving shipments from India again. It has been a long and difficult year for our partner artisans around the world. Rest assured that every purchase you make will be used to order more products and keep these wonderful women working. Together we can recover and overcome the hardships caused by the pandemic.
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