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  • Posted on: 12 May 2015
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Photos courtesy of Karuna-Shechen



As second earthquake hits:


By Doreen Nagle for Buy The Change


A second devastating earthquake (7.3 magnitude) hit the already overwhelmed country of Nepal today. As of this writing, 60 more people have been killed with another 1,000 added to the injured list. This time the epicenter was close to Mt. Everest.One surrounding village reported 100 percent of their buildings and homes had fallen.


Just weeks before, on April 25, Nepal was struck by the worst earthquake (7.8 magnitude) to hit it in 80 years. As a result, the already impoverished country of 28 million reported 8,000 plus lives lost and about 18,000 people injured. About 60 villages, towns and camps were impacted, including an avalanche that took lives on Mt. Everest.


Only eight days before the second quake hit, the official mourning period had ended for the first: according to Buddhist and Hindu tradition, mourning ends after 13 days.



Amazing rescues:

New technology detects heartbeats to finds survivors.

The devastation has been witness to thousands of personal stories, like the British doctor who helped save the lives of 23 critically injured from the Everest avalanche.


… or the teenage boy “pancaked” between the collapsed floors of a house, rescued five days after the first earthquake, as was a 24-year-old man. Then there is the four-month-old baby, found alive 22 hours after that quake hit.


Most remarkable, however, is the new radar technology from NASA: called the “Finder,” it searches for heartbeats under the rubble. Four men have been rescued this way.

Of course, this is not just a story of human loss. The artifacts inside the many devastated buildings and stupas are not just for show. They are religiously significant.

Unfortunately, Unesco reports there is "extensive and irreversible damage" in the Kathmandu Valley, a world heritage site.  


However, the extraordinary people of Nepal refuse to cave in. With help from the rest of us, they can rebuild.


Immediate help is needed – monsoon season is close!

More than 4,000 aid workers from around the world are helping. However, timing is critical. There is an enormous amount of work to be done before the monsoons start next month, which will leave the Nepalese people even more devastated. Donations that come now will be lifesaving. All of our help is really important.


Women and Girls are especially at risk right now! Traffickers who seek to benefit from the devastation are prevalent in Nepal. Hundreds of young women and girls are left orphaned and alone. Maiti Nepal, an established anti-trafficking organization in Kathmandu, is working tirelessly to locate orphaned girls and bring them to safety. They need funding.  Please click here to read more and donate if you can.


Help Nepal and support its women artisans at the same time:

We have done our homework and partnered with the very reputable Karuna-Shechen humanitarian agency in Kathmandu. For the month of May we are donating $5 from each purchase of our beautiful, Namaste Bracelets (Namaste means, “I bow to the god within you”) handcrafted by women artisans in Nepal.  A beautiful keepsake, the roll-on, shimmering glass bead bracelets are first strung then crocheted into a tube. They will fit over any size hand.


Your purchase supports not only the women who made your bracelets, but the earthquake devastated country as a whole. Click here to purchase one or more Namaste Bracelets.




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