Be the change you wish to see in the world. ~Gandhi
  • Posted on: 18 May 2015
  • By: Buy the change

Recently, looking through my jewelry box, I came across a pair of earrings that were given to me as a high school graduation gift and a pendant from my 18th birthday.

In 1980!


Immediately fond memories of the family friend who gave me the earrings and my grand[parents who gave me the pendant flooded in.


The memories were right there, after all these years.


This got me thinking about gift giving and the power of giving gifts that will last a lifetime.


Do you love the idea of your gift being loved and appreciated 35+ years from now


This is the season of graduations (kindergarten to university), weddings, showers and, of course, significant birthdays.


Looking back to all of the gifts I have given that were used to decorate a dorm room, make toast for a few years, or clothe a baby for a month or so, something more significant would have been better.


It doesn't have to be expensive. Buy The Change has several jewelry pieces for under $50 that are "keep forever" quality.


Our Tree of Life Pendant has enough room on the back to have the date or a short message engraved. Most local jewelers can do this. The Brass Ring Pendant is symbolic of going for your dreams.



Our Kantha Blankets and Throws are truly heirloom quality and will serve as a wonderful marker for a significant event.



We hear many stories of the comfort of these blankets during all night study sessions in dorm rooms across the country. These are memories that become "fond" memories years later.


These gifts don't just last the lifetime of the recipient, they also last the lifetime of the woman who made them, and for generations after.


Did you know when a girl goes to school in the developing world everything changes?


For each additional year she stays in school the outlook for her future gets better.

The age she will be when is married and becomes a mother goes up, the risk that she will be trafficked goes down, her potential employment options and earning power goes up, her ability to influence her own future goes up.


Even more exciting is the fact that the longer a girl stays in school now, the chances that her own daughters will also be educated is significantly increased.

When we visited the Mulahati Slums in Kolkata, India, the daughters of all of our artisan partners were enrolled in school.

The tuition was almost entirely being paid with money earned by their mothers!

Nicholas Kristof said in Half The Sky:

"The best way to keep a girl safe and in school is to give her mother an income"


35 years from now, when someone is looking at the gift you gave them and thinking of you, they will have no idea that on the other side of the world there is a woman or girl living a different life because of that gift.

You know....