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Postman's Bag- Blue

We called this bag a Postman Bag because the shape and style remind us of the old fashioned bags the mailmen used to carry as they walked the neighborhood delivering letters. This big bag could hold the mail for an entire neighborhood but you will probably fill it with books, baby gear or yoga clothes. Handmade by women in Cambodia from extra durable, water resistant, recycled, blue feedbags, then covered and quilted with ocean blue netting. 18" x 21", with a large pocket with Velcro flap on the back side. The handle is adjustable from shoulder to cross body length and the lining is black. There is a zipper on top to keep all your items safe, then inside there is an additional pocket with a zipper, as well as two smaller pockets meant for your wallet and phone. There will be no one else with a bag as bright and unique as yours.
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