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Elephant Overnight Bag

The most popular bag in our bestselling Elephant Brand Collection. This is the first bag in the new "diamond" design. Last year the cement company in Cambodia (the bag is sewn from recycled cement bags) announced a change from the "target" design to this new "diamond" design. This roomy, water resistant overnight bag is the same size at the yellow Mermaid Overnight Bag we have in stock. The exterior material is recycled, water resistant and easily washed with water. The black nylon lining and long black adjustable shoulder strap are new material. It's a great gym bag or big enough for a couple of days worth of stuff if you are traveling. Folds flat for storage. It has one large zip close exterior pocket and a smaller interior pocket. 20" wide x 12" high x 8" deep at the base. The firm base allows the bag to stand on it's own.
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