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Srey Crochet Purse - Black

One of our first artisan partners 6 years ago was a women named Srey Oun in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She has an amazing story of resilience and recovery. 15 years ago she was the victim of an acid attack which blinded her and left her severely disfigured. During her 2 year recovery time, her husband left leaving her with her elderly mother and young daughter. Srey Oun knew how to crochet prior to her attack so after her recovery that is what she started to do again. She creates beautiful bags in different sizes, with perfect stitches every time, using only her sense of touch. Her niece sews in the zippers and linings. Since meeting her in her home in 2014, we always order at least one bag design from her every year. She is limited in the number of bags she can produce so inventory on these is limited. The best news in that Srey Oun is earning enough income through the sale of her handmade bags to keep her daughter in school. Black cotton lining, 12" x 14" x 2" with slight variations due to being handmade, 14" double braided shoulder straps, inside and outside pockets, zipper closure with star shaped pull.
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